Top Reasons It's Important to Choose an Energy-Efficient Home Design When Building a Home

When having a home built, you will obviously need to work with a professional to come up with a home design. There are a lot of things that have to be thought about when your home design is being created, but one thing that you will definitely want for you and your designer to think about is whether or not the home is going to be energy-efficient. Focusing on an energy-efficient home design is important for these reasons and more. [Read More]

Archaeological Survey: Three Important Guidelines for Development

If you are planning on undertaking a development project on undisturbed land, think about the importance of due diligence with regard to historical artefacts and heritage sites. In general, objects and sites of significance are protected to preserve history. Therefore, irresponsible development without consideration of the potential harm could attract legal and financial penalties for you and your company. Therefore, plan on engaging a consultant for an archaeological survey as part of your due diligence before beginning the project. [Read More]

Why You Need a Structural Engineer for Your Construction Project

In simple terms, a structural engineer is a specialist who ensures that the structure you are building remains firm under all possible circumstances. For example, he or she should consider environmental factors like earthquakes, floods and storms and also artificial factors like excavation and machine vibrations. Here's what you need to know about the role of a structural engineering consultant: Preparing Reports, Designs and Drawings All structures must pass through a design and planning stage because it forms a blueprint used to ensure that the structure is built in an organised and planned manner. [Read More]

Essential Principles of an Effective Injury Management System for a Startup Construction Firm

According to Safe Work Australia, the construction industry recorded 21 fatalities in 2018. Although these numbers are low, workplace injuries affect the productivity of construction firms since it leads to absenteeism of injured workers. A startup construction firm needs to put in place an effective injury management system to reduce injury-related absenteeism. With the help of a consultant, startup construction firms can attain a robust injury management system that guarantees quick recovery of injured workers. [Read More]