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Guidance for Hiring the Right Staff for SME Owners

Small and medium enterprise (SME) owners in Australia will often find that they are able to recruit new staff through word of mouth. Indeed, it is frequently the case that smaller business owners prefer to attract new members of staff from a pool of people that they already know of. However, this approach is not always the best course of action, especially where SMEs are concerned. In certain specialised industries and where the role being recruited for requires a key skill set, then employment agencies are preferable. Although some smaller entrepreneurs think that the cost of using an agency is prohibitive there are many onward benefits to factor in. Let's examine some of these.

Industry Standards

Some sectors of the economy are highly regulated and therefore people being recruited into the industry require a certain level of competence. They may even need to have been verified for security reasons or to have undergone a police check. For instance, aviation labour hire requirements are often the same for smaller businesses as they are for the bigger operators where issues surrounding safety and security are concerned. Therefore, the economy of scale that a specialist employment agency can bring is often able to be passed on to smaller to commercial enterprises which would otherwise miss out on them if they are to meet all of the industry's standards.

Vetting Candidates

Another key reason for using an agency is that they are able to filter the list of potential candidate responses to a job opportunity and only show you the best ones. This is a time-saving procedure which allows business people to spend more time on doing what counts: running their business. What's more, agency staff are frequently highly skilled at vetting out inappropriate candidates, such as ones who have exaggerated their expertise or even lied on their application form. This measure alone can save smaller businesses thousands of dollars in the long run by ensuring that the wrong staff are not hired in the first place.

Reach a Wider Pool

With their augmented marketing operation, employment agencies will be much more likely to reach a greater diversity of candidates when a job is advertised. This means that small business owners can punch above their weight and start to compete with larger companies who might already have considerable reach into the labour market. If you want to hire the best candidates, then acquiring the services of an employment agency is the best route to choose.