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Tips for Working Wth Your Immigration Agent

Moving to a foreign country for studies or work can be hectic if the documentation process is anything to go by. Therefore, finding a reputable migration agent should be your first objective. Nonetheless, finding a prospective agent might not be hard because such services are readily available today. The hardest part is working with your immigration agent after you hire them. The relationship you have with your agent plays a big part on the success rate of your application. This article provides you with tips of ensuring that the agent-applicant relationship remains productive for both parties. 

Understand There Is No Guarantee for Success -- First, you should keep in mind that there is no guarantee that your visa application will be 100% successful. Your agent should not promise you that either. What they can promise, however, is their professionalism in whatever they do so that they can increase chances of success. Once you know that success is not 100% guaranteed, your expectations will be realistic. Being pragmatic will prevent you from putting undue pressure on the agent.

Keep Written Records -- Ensure that you put everything you discuss with your agent in writing for referral purposes. Good record keeping will ensure that in the event of a dispute with your agent, you have evidence to support your claims. Simply relying on a gentleman's agreement will not work to help your case. A written record also encourages you to go through agreements and contracts and ask questions for clarifications. You will in turn avoid conflict because everything is clearly stipulated and countersigned.

Do not Procrastinate -- Waiting until the last minute to submit requested documents can jeopardize your application. Remember that you are not the only one going through the process. As such, procrastinating submissions will work against you since you do not have control of other factors such as immigration department's systems or your agent's email servers. All of these factors work independent of each other. If, for example, the immigration department's website undergoes an upgrade, your application will be late if you waited until the last minute to submit a document. Therefore, make it your objective to ask your migration agent to list all the necessary requirements before hand for smooth processing of your visa application. Having this information early on will help avoid any last minute rushes. Proper time management will also go a long way in managing costs associated with repetition of erroneous processes.

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