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Construction Engineering: Understanding the Importance of Building Information Modelling

There are numerous advances in engineering technology over the recent years, particularly with regard to building assets. One of the most important ones that you should understand prior to your construction project is the building information modelling. Basically, building information modelling, which is more commonly known by its acronym BIM, can be defined as the process of generating and managing accurate digital representations of constructed assets.

These models display information on the physical and functional properties of the pertinent building. Unlike traditional building, BIM does not rely on simple technical drawing for two-dimensional representation. This option allows you to have a three-dimensional model of your built asset, and it incorporates time and cost elements as the fourth and fifth dimensions. Consider these crucial benefits of using building information modelling as part of your new construction project.

Cost Estimation

In general, cost estimation is a difficult process when using traditional designs for construction projects. This can be attributed to the fact that the approximations are based on general specifications provided on materials and the estimates provided by the suppliers. In most cases, the actual costs of the construction will be higher because the suppliers are rarely able to match their initial estimates during the project. With BIM design, the model includes the real costs of the building components by analysing the market. Typically, the technology used in model generation allows the estimates to be generated automatically. This means that you will have accurate cost assessments and less budget discrepancies.

Construction Management

Poor coordination of the different process and people during a construction project can compromise the results. In simple terms, if the participants who deal with elements such as structural engineering, architecture, electrical and plumbing designs cannot communicate effectively, you will find that the project will be constantly delayed. BIM eliminates potential collisions at the initial planning stage of the construction. The model will show the virtual building prior to actual construction. The contractors can provide important information and analyse the potential problems before construction, reducing conflict.

Facility Operation

BIM is important in long-term facility operation and can make this process significantly simple. The main challenge associated with the operation of the completed building is information loss. With the digital model, all the information is incorporated into the representation allowing the building owner to reference. For instance, if there is a plumbing leak, the technicians can efficiently check for the shut-off valve in the model.

In view of these advantages, consult your engineering expert for guidance on effective business information modelling.